Assembly, installation and maintenance

  • The floating suction filter should be installed > 10 cm above the bottom of the tank so sediments are not disturbed.
  • When installing the suction hose and connecting the pump, take particular care to ensure that the connections are well sealed, as leakage through these points is a common problem. It has been frequently found that the cause of intake problems/loss of pressure at the pump/etc is due to poor sealing, or constricting of the intake line.
  • The suction or pressure hose should be installed through a DN100 protective conduit with > 1% gradient from the tank to the technical room.
  • Pay attention that the floating suction's movement should be unhindered. The intake filter should be checked twice a year for any collection of debris and if necessary cleaned. Maintenance intervals can be adapted depending on the debris detected.
Assembly, Installation and Maintenance
1: Min. 10 cm from suction to bottom 3: Sediment
2: Floating debris  

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