The greywater from showers, bathtubs, and sinks is pre-filtered by a PR150-S PURAIN Filter, before being sent to the 5,000 L plastic tank (bioreactor). This is where the biological treatment is found. The skimmer overflow on the PURAIN removes any floating debris. With 2 AQUALOOP Membrane Stations in the bioreactor, the water will be ultrafiltered and supplied to a treated water storage tank (5,000 L).

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Shortly after Christmas, Botswana commissioned its very first INTEWA AQUALOOP greywater system. The beautifully built campus experienced periods of water stress and officials decided that nonpriority water could be easily supplied year-round with constant greywater sources.

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When Bayindir University went searching for technology to fulfil their "Domitory Greywater System" they found the INTEWA AQUALOOP system perfectly adaptable to their specific needs. Due to the modular components, AQUALOOP could be installed and meet their stringent space and water quality standards.

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From the concrete roof desert, a green oasis in the middle of the city was created. In addition to irrigating the beautiful roof gardens, toilets are also flushed with treated greywater.

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In addition to being passionate about all things culinary, the Eataly Partners and Collaborators have a strong environmental conscience. Especially when its about water and it's preservation and conservation.

Housed inside this marvel of modern cuisine sits another true first for the city of Los Angeles, the very first Commercial NSF-350 Certified Graywater System.

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House Versfeld, ZA

Treating household greywater & wash-down water for toilet flushing and irrigation.

Dr Andrew Versveld and family live on the beautiful Beaulieu Equestrian estate in water stressed Midrand area of Gauteng in South Africa. The AQUALOOP 4 membrane system treats up to 1200l of grey and wash-down water per day and stores it for later use in flushing toilets and for necessary irrigation around the property during dry spells and drought.

The launch of a new home in Addington, Christchurch has been welcomed by Mayor Lianne Dalziel. This eco‐home is certified with the highest possible rating of 10 stars in the Homestar ratings guide. It is the first home in New Zealand to achieve this perfect score. Mayor Lianne Dalziel notes that ‘this is important for Christchurch, for New Zealand, and actually the planet – because this is the future.

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Pre-treated greywater is accumulated in the biological reactor. The AQUALOOP kit is installed in the bioreactor, which is connected to the emergency overflow.

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Clients in Ponsonby, Auckland, wanted to do their part to be sustainable. After doing some research on the internet they decided that they wanted to integrate a Greywater Recycling System.

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Christian Brothers Centre, South Africa

In case there is not enough rainwater available, or where there is not enough space for a large rainwater storage tank, the recycling of greywater can be the perfect solution to save mains water. Christian Brothers Centre in beautiful Stellenbosch, Western Cape, has just installed the first AQUALOOP water treatment system in South Africa. The learning facility, set on beautiful grounds dating back to the late 1700's, is rebuilding the old campus using sustainable systems. The AQUALOOP collects greywater from one dormitory of 6 showers and hand basins and uses the clean, processed water for flushing toilets. In this project, the AQUALOOP components are installed in locally made corrugated steel tanks. Using this principle, the AQUALOOP concept provides a very flexible and cost effective installation. Local tank manufacturers are therefore able to build up their own water reuse systems locally.

  • AQUALOOP in PIA test container

  • PIA Sanitary container with shower, hand washbasin and washing machine

Plant Testing Institute PIA, D-Aachen

INTEWA GmbH has appointed the Development and Assessment Institute in Waste Water Technology at RWTH Aachen University (PIA) to conduct practical testing of the AQUALOOP greywater treatment system designed for use in houses with up to 4 inhabitants.

PIA is certified to test waste water technology systems (according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2088-12) and is acknowledged as a European test centre (NB 1739) for the testing of various building products pursuant to the Building Products Act (Bau PG). Currently PIA is preparing for accreditation in NSF-greywater testing pursuant to NSF/ANSI Standard 350. The testing of the AQUALOOP system has been carried out at PIA between 03.05.2011 and 22.04.2012. The testing procedure included creating realistic conditions and high load levels. All required values (except BOD) were maintained according to NSF, even under extreme conditions and without a start-up phase included. The required BOD value can be easily achieved but only with a long start-up phase (adjusting biodegradation). This can be seen from test results of the other tested systems.

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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