Greywater re­cy­cling - a new water source

Up to 65% of our water needs comprise showering, bathing, washing hands and washing machine usage.  The resulting waste water from these activities is the so-called greywater.

This greywater can be very economically and easily recycled, for example treating it for reuse in toilet flushing and irrigation.

Profitable Advantages

Double savings
By reusing greywater, you save not only the mains water but also the wastewater costs. This makes amortization of projects possible in less than 5 years.

Sustainable investment
With greywater recycling, you can achieve a better assessment with „Certifications for Sustainable Building“.  This can increase the value of your property and can mean tax advantages as well. Market your building as „Green“.

Smaller space needs
A greywater system needs very little space for the tanks since the water is collected daily and directly reused for the building needs.

The principle with AQUALOOP

System Construction - Greywater Recycling

1. PURAIN pre-filter 5. Sludge pump
2. AQUALOOP growth bodies 6. RAINMASTER Favorit-SC
3. AQUALOOP blower 7. UV-unit
4. AQUALOOP membran station 8. Tanks

The greywater from showers, bathtubs and hand washing is pre-filtered through the highly efficient PURAIN filter before entering the bioreactor. The integrated PURAIN skimmer overflow removes surface contaminants. Biological degradation is achieved with a combination of AQUALOOP growth bodies and aeration by AQUALOOP blowers. The treated greywater is then ultra-filtered through the AQUALOOP membranes and delivered to the clear water tank by the AQUALOOP station pumps. Bio-waste is periodically drained by the automatic sludge pump.

The economical and quiet-running RAINMASTER Favorit-SC pumps the  water from the clear water tank to the connected fixtures such as toilets, washing machines and irrigation systems. The RAINMASTER can operate in parallel by Bluetooth, ensuring the highest operational safety. If treated greywater is not available, the RAINMASTER automatically switches to a DVGW-certified mains water backup. For added piece-of-mind the treated and ultra-filtered greywater passes through a final disinfection step, ultraviolet irradiation through the in-line UV unit.

Your system

The modular and expandable system is designed for greater water needs in your commercial project. It is therefore also possible to install the system in underground or free-standing above-ground tanks. Indoor-tanks are pictured opposite.

Water Quality - Safety

INTEWA greywater systems deliver the cleanest water through the ultrafiltration process.


The INTEWA greywater system is the first and only system worldwide to be certified to both the NSF-350 Class C for commercial application and the British Standard BS 8525-2:2011 for spray application, the two most recognized and stringent greywater standards in the world.

The following table describes the NSF inlet and discharge water qualities achieved by INTEWA:

  Influent range source water 4 Requirement effluent NSF/ANSI 350-2014 Class C   AQUALOOP effluent Test results NSF approval Class C  
    Test Average Single Sample Maximum Result Average Single Sample Maximum
BOD5 130 – 180 mg/l -- -- -- --
CBOD5 -- 10 mg/l 25 mg/l 5 mg/l 17 mg/l
TSS 80-100 mg/l 10 mg/l 30 mg/l 2 mg/l 7,8 mg/l
turbidity (NTU) 50-100 NTU 2 NTU 5 NTU 0,57 NTU 3,89 NTU
E. coli ² 10² -104 cfu/100ml 2,2 MPN/100ml 200 MPN/100ml 1,0 MPN/100ml 13,0 MPN/100ml
pH 6,5 – 8,0 6,0 – 9,0 NA1 7,38 NA1
color -- MR ³ NA MR ³ NA
odor -- Non offensive NA Non offensive NA
oily film and foam -- Non-detectable Non-detectable Non-detectable Non-detectable

1 NA: not applicable.
² Calculated as geometric mean.
³ MR: measured and reported only.
System for treating bathing and laundry source waters (combined)

The INTEWA test system fulfilled all requirements and was the first and so far only system to be certified according to "Class C". In contrast to Class R (turbidity 5 NTU, E.coli 14 MPN/100 ml as average values), Class C, for example, allows an average of maximum of 2 NTU and 2.2 E.coli to be achieved. Class C systems are intended in particular for commercial grey water systems. Overall, the entire INTEWA system series AL-GW600 to AL-GW5400 was certified according to NSF/ANSI 350-2014 with a range up to 5400 litres per day (1427 gallons per day).

For larger systems, INTEWA is entitled to issue an NSF Declaration of Conformity which entitles the user to carry the NSF certificate. For this purpose, INTEWA performs a plant-specific verification of compliance with the specifications of the INTEWA NSF report.  See the confirmation of the official NSF listing.

The RAINMASTER pump and control units are DVGW-certified, providing the INTEWA system the highest operating safety in the world.

The INTEWA Greywater complete system

In the following table you will find an overview of pre-assembled complete systems for greywater recycling with all components.

Greywater Systems NSF Treatment
AL-GW200 200 (only BS certified)
AL-GW600 600
AL-GW1200 1,200
AL-GW1800 1,800
AL-GW3600 3,600
AL-GW5400 5,400
AL-GW10800 10,800
AL-GW21600 21,600
AL-GW32400 32,400
AL-GW64800 64,800
AL-GW97200 97,200

You will soon find a detailed description of the systems in our store. 

INTEWA grey water systems are now operated worldwide, saving thousands of cubic metres of water and thus costs.

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Greywater recycling for a single-family house

Mostrar todo / Ocultar todo

Komplettsystem für bis zu 6 Personen mit Innentank und RAINMASTER Eco

Grau­was­ser-Re­cy­cling An­la­gen mit frei auf­ge­stell­tem Spei­chern kön­nen auf­grund des ge­rin­gen Platz­be­darfs in den meis­ten Ein­fa­mi­li­en­häu­sern ein­ge­setzt wer­den. Für ein Ein­fa­mi­li­en­haus wer­den etwa 2 x 300 Liter Spei­cher­vo­lu­men be­nö­tigt.


1. PURAIN Vorfilter

5. AQUALOOP Membranen (1-6 je AL-MS)

2. Bioreaktor incl. Füllkörper

6. AQUALOOP Gebläse

3. AQUALOOP Membranstation

7. Klarwasserspeicher

4. AQUALOOP Steuerung


für Erdspeicher

Ist für die frei auf­ge­stell­ten Spei­cher kein Platz, bie­ten sich Erd­spei­cher an.

1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter

5. AQUALOOP Membran

2. Tank

6. AL Gebläse

3. AQUALOOP Single-Membranstation


4. AQUALOOP Steuerung

Greywater recycling for commercial properties

Mostrar todo / Ocultar todo

für frei aufgestellte Speichern


1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter DN100

5. AQUALOOP Membranen

2. AQUALOOP Füllkörper

6. AQUALOOP Gebläse

3. AQUALOOP Membranstation

7. Sauggarnitur mit Grobfilter 1 Zoll

4. AQUALOOP Steuerung


für Erdspeichern

1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter DN150

6. Saugarnitur 1 "

2. AQUALOOP Membranstation

7. Mauerdurchführung DN150

3. AQUALOOP Membranen

8. AQUALOOP Steuerung

4. AQUALOOP Füllkörper

9. RAINMASTER Favorit SC Duplex

5. HORIZON Schlauch 1 "

10. Ausdehnungsgefäß

für GFK Tanks

1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter DN150-200

8. Sauggarnitur mit Grobfilter 1 Zoll


9. HORIZON Schlauch 1 Zoll

3. AQUALOOP Membranstationen

10. Mauerdurchführung DN150

4. AQUALOOP Membranen

11. Hybridspeicher

5. AQUALOOP Steuerung

12. RAINMASTER Favorit SC Duplex

6. AQUALOOP Gebläse

13. Ausdehnungsgefäß

7. GFK Tank

bei Stadtwassertanks mit Dachspeichern

In vie­len Län­dern wird das Stadt­was­ser nur zu ge­wis­sen Zei­ten ge­lie­fert und muss daher ge­spei­chert wer­den. Oft reicht die ge­lie­fer­te Menge nicht aus. Hier kann die In­stal­la­ti­on der AQUALOOP Grau­was­ser­tech­no­lo­gie hel­fen. Das auf­be­rei­te­te Was­ser wird zum Bei­spiel für die Toi­let­ten, die Wasch­ma­schi­nen und die Gar­ten­be­wäs­se­rung ver­wen­det. Nach­ge­speist wird über den Stadt­was­ser­tank. Oft­mals ist die auf­be­rei­te­te Was­ser­qua­li­tät aus dem Grau­was­ser bes­ser als die des Stadt­was­sers.

1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter DN150-200

8. Sauggarnitur mit Grobfilter 1 Zoll

2. AQUALOOP Membranstationen

9. Bodendurchführung

3. AQUALOOP Membranen



11. Ausdehnungsgefäß

5. Saugschlauch

12. Dachtank

6. AQUALOOP Gebläse

7. Unterwassermotorpumpe

für frei aufgestellte Außenspeichern

1. AQUALOOP Vorfilter 

6. AQUALOOP Gebläse

2. Bioreaktor

7. Tauchmotorpumpe

3. AQUALOOP Membranstationen

8. Speicher

4. AQUALOOP Steuerungen

9. RAINMASTER Favorit SC Duplex

5. AQUALOOP Membranen

The free AQUALOOP Greywater system

For systems > 20 m³ / day we can make greywater treatment available to you free-of-charge. You pay only a water price. Please ask us individually about this operator model!*

*In order to determine whether this operator model can be offered, we need from you the location of the system, the current costs for drinking water and wastewater as well as the design of you project.

The possibility to save drinking water has enhanced strongly the last years.

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A rainwater filter cleaning itself by the principle of the hydraulic jump.

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The DRAINMAX tunnel infiltration system: The only plastic trench with flushable  ground.

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The optimized water pump station for rainwater and greywater utilization in every planned construction.

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